In the heart of India lies the town of Khajuraho. Dry, hot –  yet a feast for sore eyes. World renowned for the explicit sculptures on the temple walls, Khajuraho is much more than that.

Khajuraho is home to many temples broadly grouped as the Eastern Group and the Western Group of temples, with each temple being a fine example of sculpture and beauty. The most breathtaking were the Western Group of temples. Five temples, each dedicated to a different God, cover a huge area.

But the most magical for me was the “Light and Sound”show. Beneath a star lit sky, the temples of the Western Group were continuously lit with vivid colors, as the story of the origin of the temples is relayed. And as the story unfolded one may wonder if this was the same temple they had observed in the morning. And if one’s  imagination runs more fast and wild, they might actually picture the foundation, the strength, he imagination of the masons which resulted in such a beauty.

A beautiful, serene town. Some wonderful ancient temples to look at. A star lit night. And a promise that devotion lasts beyond the death of the mortal body.

Khajuraho – was a spellbinding experience.

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