Trip to Dandeli

It was 5 pm on a Sunday evening. I and three of my friends were terribly bored in Hubli. We soon planned to go to Dandeli to throw away our boredom. But all we knew about Dandeli was that it was a forest and famous for river rafting,

We boarded a Bellary-Dharwad passenger train. Unfortunately it arrived an hour late. Indian trains you see!! It was just 21 km journey. We reached Dharwad by 9.30 pm. We had to hurry up for the local bus stand to catch the Dandeli bus before it got too late. After reaching the bus stand, we came to know that the bus would leave at 10.30 pm and reach Dandeli in 90 minutes (54 km).

Meanwhile we had our dinner. Then we got into the bus. As we were informed, we reached Dandeli exactly in the midnight. The lateness panicked us. Because it is pretty hard to find a lodge in a town to be open in mid night. Luckily we found a lodge right in front of the bus stand still open-“State lodge”. We entered in but the workers were all asleep. They woke up by the noise and took time to show us the rooms. It was well maintained and decent enough. The cost was less than what we expected- 500 INR for a 4 bed room. What more do we need? We checked in. After a few minutes, the owner’s son came to us and explained the activities available. The different packages available were

1) River rafting alone 1300 INR per head
2) Rappelling, Kayaking, Jacuzzi bath and a visit to crocodile park- 1000 INR per head.
3) Miscellaneous activities which were River crossing- 200 INR, Wildlife sanctuary- 500 INR and Night camping- 500 INR
We chose the second package. For these activities we had to travel 22 km and had to hire a cab. The owner himself informed the cab and we had to pay only 600 INR (for all four all of us) as cab charges.
We were all exited about the trip and went to sleep at 3 am. We got up at 8 am and finished our daily routine. The main disadvantages of Dandeli then stroke us. It was impossible for us to find a hygienic place to eat. Somehow we managed and got into a cab. For our surprise, another group of 4 members who hailed from Hyderabad were mixed with our group.
The journey then began. A journey through the thick forest of Dandeli, beside the paper industries.. on the bumpy road..Over a river bridge. .. 13 guys in the cab. All of the same age and same josh!!
We reached a spot and had to walk a little distance. It was a dry region that looked similar to a mining area. The guides took us up and there, the instructor exclaimed to us “Guys!! This is your rappelling spot!” He and his assistant took time to arrange the ropes and safety measures. Then he showed us the demo how to climb down. It was basically an iron ore mining field and a depth of 75 feet!! We all climbed down the steep one by one.
Nagesh (instructor) was our main source of confidence. He gave us his brief biography. Nagesh had an experience of 8 years. He used to train the defense in Gulmarg.
The whole rappelling activity took 2 hrs. Our tummies started their tantrums. We were taken to a nearby hotel in that village. Food was very hygienic and delicious. It was cooked on wooden stove which was the reason for the taste.
After an hour, we went to the Bison River for our next activity. On a boat we were taken to the other side of the river for natural Jacuzzi. The force of the water gave us an awesome massage. Half an hour that we spent playing in water seemed like a fraction of a minute.
Our next activity was Kayaking. The instructor demonstrated us how to row and navigate our boat. Everyone was given a boat and a life jacket each. The depth of the river is 80 feet. As I rowed away from the bank, I had the best moment of my life. It was a moment of complete silence with me on the river. All I could see in front of me was a chain hillocks standing bold with green trees on them. I felt the real beauty of nature.
Time was passing on and we had to leave that spot. Our next venue was the crocodile park. We could see nearly 10 wild crocodiles. The end of all activities kept us very sad. We took group photos for memories and returned back to the town.
It was a marvelous trip. We packed our bags and checked out. Now we miss each and every moment that we spent in Dandeli. The company, the activities, natural places and many more

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