“Beneath the shadow of those dark mountains laid a serene view and unexplainble peace”. Eroded by the noise of day to day life, my world had become pale, so I decided to get away from the city and go to a place where I could hide from the world and be myself simultaneously.And so I enrolled for a group trip to shivpuri(Uttarakhand ) ,  a group of fifty out of which I knew only two. We stayed at a camp resort which was in the lap of the himalyas and had a perfect view of the valley. I woke up around 5AM in the morning, sat by the Ganga and saw the Sun rise as the moon virtualy set. This was one of the best experiences of my life and nowhere I could seek solace and peace so easily. As the day went, we went for river rafting and I experienced the second best thing ever. The thrill, excitement and adreneline rush which I went through when I was in between of those rapids was unexplicable.

From this trip I came to know that thIMG_20160306_104246e joy of travelling and seeing new places can not be replaced by any other luxury in life. #lessonlearnt

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