IMG_5424In the wee hours of Wednesday morning [10th Aug].. we set out to live one of the best trips of our lives. The trip unfolds when the sweetest birthday boy arrives and joins us, at 5:30 we devour idly and race towards our flight. The excitement is beyond words, our smiles made others think if our intentions were right! 😛 We land in goa and all our fears come true, it is raining cats and dogs! We were worried our trip would be a wet one.. But Goa had other plans for us!




IMG_20160811_114422160_HDRWe yell and sing [really bad songs] towards Colva beach. The first smell of the sea, the touch of the sand on our toes.. the excitement had bubbled to dangerous levels. We went to ‘ The Garden’ restaurant only to order everything on their menu, trust me, we finished it all. A man sitting next to our table stared at our table for quite sometime, our table was a sight! 😀 Next destination, Beleza by the Beach, a beautiful property with an almost private beach. We ran towards our villa,  and all of us run into one room and all of jump onto a single bed [there were 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms,dining area,kitchen, but noo, we needed to run into 1 room on that 1 bed.. :D].



IMG_5519The best part of this hotel is its private beach. On the beach, we take in the view, the sand,the strong mighty sea and the fact that it’s all for us.. only us. We play with frisbee.. not with each other, but with the sea. Though we aim it at each other, it lands on the waves and we decently wait for it to return to us.[ No wonder the guys tried to hit on girls and always ended up with us, their aim is that bad!! :D].



IMG_5523We celebrated our friend’s birthday in Martin’s corner,  and how could we end the evening without embarrassing him by singing the birthday song out loudly and deserve a few more nasty stares!



After hours in the beach,we play in pool for hours again [with play I mean, learn swimming, or be dragged around in the water :D]. In the night our friend joins us and we run to the beach again, this time, we arent very sober! :D. Screaming our lungs out, dancing on item songs and return to the villa only to play more games! 😀 Next day we venture out to be all touristy in different churches, Aquarium [Yes, strangely the world of sea, has a tiny aquarium! 😀 ], then arrive in Baga! If this doesn’t give you the feel of goa, nothing will! We checked into Santiago Beach Resort.


IMG_5589In the night we moved to Brittos, one of the best beach shacks in Goa. The only part of it I remember is me enjoying the ‘Port Wine’ and our dear friend having the strongest nature’s call in the history of nature calls! 😀 Very strangely, he wanted all of us to go back to the hotel, so that he could answer his call!


Next morning, we gallop towards Baga beach. Playing in the sand, capturing a fisherman’s boat and behaving we own the world. Our friend digging a hole away to glory [probably helping our other friend who has issues with nature calls]. We click the best pictures here and tried to calm ourselves. We come back to our room and leave for Curlies [Anjuna Beach] . The sea from this restaurant is breath-taking. We sat there was so long just staring into the sea [oh yeah, massages too! ]



IMG_5707Then we leave only because we HAVE to reach the Chapora Fort [ At-last got the name right! ]. Not taking this decision would have been the biggest mistake our trip. The ride towards it, the screaming on the bike with our hands stretched out was as filmy as we could ever get.The ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ fort was so awe-inspiring, only that was able to quiet us down. The place was a beauty to behold. The Jewel of our trip [actually, this is debatable! :D]




IMG_5874 IMG_5884The last night ended in style by dancing our feet off  in Mambos and singing our lungs out in  St. Anthony’s!


The dreadful saturday was here, we had to leave, we had to come back to reality .Though our trip consisted of  laughs,stares,hugs, millions of fights, misunderstandings, leaving this behind so soon was heart wrenching. We could not believe 4 days and 3 nights had passed. In the airport we were about to miss our flight again, due to our dear friend’s nature call.. it’s a disease I tell you! But this was  a flight we wouldn’t mind missing. I can assure you.. any of us will go back to that place in a heart beat, with the same group, that same place, same stories..Because some memories are worth re-living… again and again.. and again.



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10 August, 2016
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