Every girl’s dream is to have the best honeymoon, and boy did I have mine! With wild and exciting dreams we embarked on our first trip as ‘Husband and Wife’ to maldives. The excitement was sky high, with flutterings in and around me, anticipations making my hands cold and nothing could have dampened my spirits!.



We reached Male airport, from there, we were provided a speedboat to our resort. I couldn’t call the speedboat ride too much fun, as they took the word ‘speed’ way too literally than they should have. We flew over the waters [half wet already] and we cross the ruthless Indian ocean into a calm serene light blue coloured waters. The word ‘breathtaking’ does not do justice to it, the beauty, the calmness, the serenity and oh! the love in the air.. even if you were with a complete stranger, you would so fall in love with them!

To top it all, we lived in the Water villa in Paradise Island Resort and Spa Maldives, where one side of the room opened to the floating walkway and the other side opened into the sea. Waking up to the clear blue sky above and the shining clear sea water below is a sight to behold. As much as I would have liked to just laze around in my balcony and stare at most rare and exceptionally colourful fishes, We had work to do [except for the obvious ones!:P ].



Scuba Diving topped our list of activities to be done, and man the sea can be lavish in species. Every colour, shape and size imaginable by the human mind were in the waters. The oxygen tank takes a while to get used to, and for a person who doesn’t know swimming, this was a leap of faith [my only solace was that my new husband will not let his newly wedded wife float away, he knows swimming you see..] It felt like it went on for hours, the trainer thought we could handle ourselves so left us to do photography instead. It did not help my nerves! Trust me! After the most enriching hour of my life, I came out thinking cities is what humans do..devoid of colours and life.. Beauty is what nature does… you feel alive.



After the scuba diving, we ventured around the resort, it is so vast, i doubt we have hardly covered even a small part of it. Everywhere you look, the wide blue sea mixing with the darker stronger ocean, the amalgamation of the two makes you stop and  take in its beauty. Not to forget, we were in our honeymoon, so we did what couples usually do in honeymoons : Take god awful couple-ly selfies, write our names on the sand, steal a kiss or two when no one is looking and eat our hearts out. The evenings were as engaging as the morning, every corner there is either a small or a very grand party going on, restaurants have constant ‘candle light dinner’ theme. Amidst the sea, that phrase really does come to life.



The second cherry on the cake was boat ride into the ocean to lookout for wild dolphins and enjoy the beauty of a sunset. When I say the ocean scared me, I am not exaggerating a bit. It is strong, ruthless and immensely deep. The water is opaque. It is that dense. The water hit our boats so hard, i feared we would topple down and the non-swimmer in me held on to something for her dear life.. Anything!. The treacherous ride wasn’t for too long as the dolphins came to say hi to us. And God were they enthusiastic creatures , Showoffs would also suit this case. They showed us every move they had and we followed them in every direction they went. We were escorted by none less than at least 12 wild dolphins showing off and twirling around, jumping and every ‘Oos’ and ‘Aahs’ we yelped it made them go higher! To finish off this thrilling experience was a sunset i have never seen before, the sea was calm and enticing at the same time and the sun was an orange blaze. To put that picture into words would be highly taxing.


20140225_175750_HDR   DSC04040

The next few days went ahead in the same routine : A grand breakfast , bathe in the sea, snorkel near the room, enjoy luxurious amenities of the resort, savage on the lunch, quiet afternoons either on the beach or in the room , Evening gala theme parties, new cuisine daily, stare at a baby shark or two, have own personal aquarium with exotic species in it. They say that the honeymoon should be the most special trip of your life, and after innumerable trips and immeasurable memories, this trip three years ago feels like it happened just yesterday.


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19 May, 2014
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